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01:13pm 22/01/2011
mood: pleased
I have just discovered the awesomeness that is LTP, and while I've enjoyed watching my DVDs of the first season, I really want to see the others now! Is there any way I can view them? I'd even be willing to watch them on VHS. I see there are a few random episodes on Youtube, but I'd really like to watch each season in order.
Russian fan of "Less then perfect" 
02:48pm 07/10/2007
  Hi there! I'm russian fan of that comedy! I just love each part of it! :-) Good actors, best type of humor I like... Now i get whole serail on DVD, and watch it again and again :-) I think my laugh terrifies neibours and near towns that weekend, because I sittinf here and watching 3rd season :-) First I've seen it on Russian MTV about 2003... And now I got it all! So, thatis exactly what I call "Real fun". So, my first post here is done, folks, may be I should feel happy! :-) I wanna more new series!  
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Less Than Perfect on youtube 
01:39pm 12/08/2007
mood: happy

Where has everyone gone???   Noone is posting here anymore.  Well anyway, just informing you all that I have uploaded season 4 (minus 3 episodes) to youtube aswell as a few season 2 episodes.  Will get some of season 3 up in the next few weeks.  I'm an Andrea Parker (Lydia) fan so the episodes that I upload normally have a main storyline about her in it.  www.youtube.com/anastaciabeaverhouss

Cheers, Cate

PS - I'm new to livejournal and am not entirely sure how it all works so I hope this works :)

Less Than Perfect caps 
09:02pm 05/06/2006
  I made some caps, thought I'd share :)
Samples & Link behind the cut

LTP 3x18Collapse )
11:12pm 25/05/2006
  I made some less than perfect icons and a header, of lydia only.
Clicking the icon will lead you to my journal :)

title or description
Andrea Parker Community 
06:15pm 23/05/2006
  There's a community about the acress who's playing Lydia Weston in Less Than Perfect.
Would be great if you join! We're planning to do an icon challenge and the more the better :)

a_parker_fans a_parker_fans a_parker_fans

Feel free to delete this post if this isn't allowed.
in case you haven't heard... 
10:59pm 16/04/2006
  "Less Than Perfect" is back on the air beginning Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. central. I can't wait! Here's a synopsis of the upcoming episode:

The Devil Wears Burberry
Tue, April 18 @ 9:30/8:30c
Upon returning from vacation, Claude learns that her boss, network anchor Will Butler, has resigned, leaving her jobless. Luckily her trusty friends, Owen and Ramona, have secured her a position as a temp on the 4th floor, right back where she started three years ago. Jeb Denton, the new anchorman, has promoted his wife, Lydia, to producer, and Claude's worst nightmare comes true when she's offered a job as Lydia's assistant. She hesitantly accepts the job on condition that she be given more responsibility, but working for Lydia proves to be a dangerous bargain. Meanwhile, Owen becomes addicted to Carl's new soft serve ice cream machine.
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Less Than Perfect stars at UCB Theatre in Los Angeles 
07:28pm 12/10/2005
  Check out your favorite Less Than Perfect castmembers in THE KING OF TV SHOW at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles this Thursday, October 13 at 8pm! Tickets only FIVE DOLLARS!

The King of TV Show, hosted by Paul Goebel (the King himself) uses a talk show format to interview famous faces from tv, past and present. The interviews provide little-known facts about these celebrities, stories from their lives and a chance to "meet" them in an informal setting. David Cross says, "I had a great time."

Thursday, October 13 at 8pm ($5)
at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles

RANDY ("Emergency") MANTOOTH
ANDY ("Less than Perfect") DICK
SHERRI ("Less than Perfect") SHEPHERD
ANDREA ("Less than Perfect") PARKER
PAUL ("Best Week Ever") SCHEER
GRAHAM ("Kent Stryker") ELWOOD

co-host JIM BRUCE

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
5919 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028

make reservations online now at www.ucbtheatre.com
tickets only $5 | all ages | street parking | valet only $3.50
Displeased with the current state of cancellation? Take action! 
05:25pm 26/05/2005
  Fans of Less Than Perfect:

Please contact ABC to tell them of your love for the show. If they can't bring it back, then tell them to release it ov DVD so we can enjoy it forever :-)

Mailing Address:
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551
Phone number: (818) 460-747

For ABC's Primetime and Daytime shows, as well as our Movies and Specials and ABC Sports: Audience Relations Department at netaudr@abc.com

Just write them a letter or email. If we all do it, then we have a chance!
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Hear the news? 
11:43am 11/04/2005
  Did any of you guys here that "Less Than Perfect" might not be coming back next season. There was an article in "TV Guide" and "Entertainment Weekly" about shows that have lost viewers. "EW" said that there are only like 6 million views for "LTP" and that is down 28% since last year. I sure hope it doesn't go anyway. I really love this show.

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Sara Rue on The View 
07:14pm 27/01/2005
  Sara Rue is scheduled to be on The View on Friday, January 28. Not sure if it's a rerun or not.

10:06pm 22/11/2004
  Andrea Parker and Sherri Shepherd will be doing public service announcements.


The part where she's mentioned:

Also joining in to support the 2004 toy drive through public service announcements are Masiela Lusha from "The George Lopez Show," Kaley Cuoco and Martin Spanjers of "8 Simple Rules," Andrea Parker and Sherri Shepherd of "Less Than Perfect" and Mark Valley and Rhona Mitra from "Boston Legal." The PSAs will air as part of the network's "A Better Community" outreach.
11:15pm 31/10/2004
  Andrea Parker will be on The View tomorrow, November 1.

LTP not on? 
09:33pm 20/10/2004
  From about.com:

While the exact future is unclear for TGIF, insiders report there has been some talk regarding the new John Stamos sitcom giving Less Than Perfect a break (although the show would return after the Stamos series had a limited run)


Less than Perfect Season 3 
12:39am 11/10/2004
mood: pensive
Has anyone who watches this series noticed that Sara Rue (Claude Casey) looks like she not only had a breast reduction, but that she lost a lot of weight. Not only her, but also Sherri Shepherd (Ramona Platt) look a lot thinner than last season. Sherri doesn't look like she's lost anything in the bust.

Now, I understand trying to be healthy and a heavy bust can really hurt your back (I know because I myself have one), but if they're doing this because they're caving under the pressures of Hollywood, I'm really pissed off. I'm an actress myself so I understand how bad it can be, but I recently saw Sara on a re-run of the Sharon Osborne show and she gave a quick speech about accepting yourself for who and how you are and not trying to change that.

Let's just summarize by saying I'm very disapointed. I watched and supported this show mostly because they had 2 lead characters that weren't Barbie-doll thin and they inspired me.
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Abc.go.com LTP clip 
09:23am 25/09/2004
  There's a very funny minute-or-so clip of the cast from LTP on abc.go.com talking about what they think will happen in the upcoming season.

The scenes between Zachary Levi and Andrea Parker are hilarious.
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Sara Rue 
07:11am 22/09/2004
  Sara Rue is supposed to be on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn tonight (tomorrow morning):


Even though they spelled her name wrong...
Primetime Preview Weekend 
12:06am 31/08/2004
  Here's the schedule of when the cast of LTP will be at the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend.

Sara Rue on the Sharon Osbourne show 
10:07am 28/08/2004
  Monday, August 30
"Less Than Perfect" star Sara Rue chats with Sharon about her round of "Celebrity Poker" on Bravo and her summer relaxation plans.

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LTP 3rd season 
12:54am 17/08/2004
  Synopsis of the 3rd season of LTP:

"After two years, Claude has become more adept at fending off her
condescending coworkers Kipp (Zachary Levi) and Lydia (Andrea
Parker), who have been determined to get rid of her to further their
own ambitions. Now, while continuing to spar with these snobs, she's
being pestered in new ways: Lydia is obsessed with her upcoming
wedding to on-air pundit Jeb (Patrick Warburton, new series regular),
sharing all the details with everyone at the office -- especially
Claude. And Kipp needs Claude's counsel as he struggles with his new
job as Jeb's assistant. Fortunately, Claude still has the support of
three friends at GNB: the brash and blunt Ramona (Sherri Shepherd),
the loyal but idiosyncratic Owen (Andy Dick), and her blowhard next-
door neighbor, Carl (Will Sasso), who's also the cafeteria manager."